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Find out more about Forest Pulse.

Forest Pulse is a local registered charity which provides a range of exciting out-of-school social, sport and recreational activities for disabled children and young people up to the age of 25, giving them the opportunity to meet up with friends, have fun and learn alongside their non-disabled peers.

Activities provided are varied so that everybody has the opportunity to access them whatever their ability or mobility, giving them the same opportunities as their non-disabled peers. Our staff are all trained and experienced in meeting all the individual needs of the young people that come along to our activities. The charity also supports parents/carers in a variety of ways.

We also provide guidance, advice and support to parents and create opportunities for families to meet and share experiences.

Forest Pulse believes that disabled children and young people should have the same opportunities to take part in social, recreational and sports activities as their non-disabled peers, and to be able to do this independently of their parents/carers. We therefore provide a wide range of after school, weekend and holiday activities which are accessible to any disabled young person regardless of their level of ability or mobility, and including those with profound, complex and challenging needs.

We also work along side other organisations who provide support and services for disabled young people and their families.To find out what services are available that might benefit you and your family. Please visit The Glos Family Directory, which offers the family information directory providing a wide range of resources and information. The local offer which brings together information on services for children and young people aged 0-25 years with special educational needs and their families in Gloucestershire. Information for practitioners, providing a centralised point of reference and family information service that includes information on early help and the key.

Download our parent and carer information leaflet here

Click the link below to download our leaflet.


Trustee Management Committee

For information please find copies of the Charity accounts and trustee report for the period 1st April 16 - 31st March 17, as submitted to the Charity Commission.

The Trustee Management committee is comprised of parents and people from the community.

Helen Baker


Helen became involved with Forest Pulse 20 years ago when her son began accessing our activities and she quickly became a trustee of the charity because she felt the services provided by Forest Pulse were very important to her family. She claims to have been press ganged by Pam (she can be very persuasive)! She says ‘I know the services are important to lots of families and I want to help ensure that the charity is around for a long time to come. Everyone has skills needed to help the charity in someway and we have a fantastic team of staff and volunteers but could always do with some more help particularly with fundraising so if anyone has any time to give that would be great.’

Appointed to the Management Committee at the AGM on 12th January 2020

Ann Parry


Ann has been involved with the charity for many years and decided to use her knowledge and skills to become a trustee.

Appointed to the Management Committed at the AGM on 12th January 2020

Vikki Fellows


After recently joining the charity for her son to attend our activities, Vikki and her husband decided they would like to offer their time and support to the charity in another way and so joined the management committee.

Appointed to the Management Committed at the AGM on 12th January 2020

Chantel Gardner


Chantel has been involved with the charity for many years when her son started attending Forest Pulse activities. Chantel decided to become one of our trustees. 

Appointed to the Management Committed at the AGM on 12th January 2020

Mark Joyce


Mark has a huge abundance of skills and will be able to bring so much to Forest Pulse. Mark has these to say ‘I have seen first hand the difference a good provision can make to the lives of people they work with whether that’s education providers or those offering engaging and fun activities outside of the school setting. I grew up in the Forest of Dean and currently work for GCC helping young people with disabilities make connections within their local community to help gain independence, confidence increase skills feel valued and reduce isolation. I love what Forest Pulse does and the commitment of the staff and volunteers is amazing! I hope that my skills, experience and contacts can help Forest Pulse continue to be a top class provider and help many more people in the area for years to come.’

Appointed to the Management Committee at the AGM on 12th January 2020

Christine Woolstencroft


Christine has recently become involved with the charity. Christine has a wide range of knowledge and skills that will be beneficial to Forest Pulse.

Appointed to the Management Committee at the AGM on November 2020

If you want to join the Trustee Management Committee please contact Forest Pulse via our contact page.

Core Staff and Volunteers

Pam Jones

Development Manager

Pam has been involved with Forest Pulse for nearly 30 years. Pam has a huge dedication to charity and is always looking at ways to improve and expand the charity in so many ways.She is also responsible for developing new initiatives so if there is anything you want to see the charity provide please let her know. When not in the office Pam can often be found at activities bobbing around and singing out of tune. She is constantly on the go but can always be tempted for a chat and a coffee.

Kim Roberts

Charity Manager

Kim has been involved with the charity for many years and first started volunteering over 15 years ago and became Activity Manager in 2008 but is now our Charity Manager and has been in her current role since 2017. Kim is the main point of contact for parents who want advice and support and for professionals wanting to use the services provided by the charity. Kim can be found in the office 2 days a week and at some of our activities. She and is best known for her ditzy comments and bad jokes, but her dance moves are always quite unique as well!

Amy Millin

Activity Manager

Amy has been involved with charity for a few years and started volunteering 10 years ago and has been in her current role since 2017. Amy organises all our activities, and is responsible for staff and volunteers so if you would like to access any activities or would like to volunteer please contact her. Amy is based in the office during the week, but can then be found at most activities. Amy is always full of beans and ready to go!

Jean Wilkinson

Office Administrator

Jean has been with the Charity for a few years and can be found in the office making sure everything runs smoothly and keeping Pam, Kim, Amy and Sammy in check. Jean likes to pop down during holiday activities to say hello to everyone. 

Sammy Whittington

Assistant Activity Manager

Sammy has been involved with the charity for 10 years and has been in her current role since 2019. Sammy supports everyone in the office to make sure we are all getting the job done! Sammy is based in the office during the week but can be found at most activities. Sammy is full of energy and ready to go!

Carly & Sian

Activity Leader

Carly and Sian can be found leading activities mostly at Weekend or holiday activities. Between them, they have many years of experience! Both started as volunteers and quickly became long standing members of the staff team. 

Carly is a fun and energetic member of our team and can always be bribed with a bar of chocolate or some sour sweets!

Sian can be found at most activities with a huge smile and a fab sense of humor.

Martha, Charlotte, Anna, Andrea, Imi, Mollie, Keira & Emily

Activity Workers

These fabulous people are quite new to the charity and can be found at weekly, weekend and school holiday activities. They are always on the go and full of energy.

Grace, Pippa, Luca, Kelly – Bob, Kelly, Chloe, Emilie, Molly & Gemma

Activity Workers

Even though these lovely ladies are busy teaching, doctoring and sciencing, they still come back when they can and can normally be seen during Summer and holiday activities. They are all known for their dedication to the charity, and smiley faces.

Sasha, Alex, Tracy, Ben & Rachele

Activity Workers

All these lovely people have been involved for a good couple of years now. Between them, they can be found at most activities; After School Club, Performing Arts, Youth Club, Music and Weekend and holiday activities.

Jane & Lee

Activity Tutors

Jane Butler is our music tutor for a specialist music group and Lee Holder is our music tutor for our creative music group. Both have been involved with Forest Pulse for many years and we are so grateful for all of their support.

Alexi, Luke, Lauren, Ella & Freya


These wonderful young people all volunteer on a weekly basis at various activities including, after school and weekend clubs and youth club.


Graham & James


This troublesome twosome volunteer at our weekly youth club and ensure that lots of young people from the Forest are able to attend and meet up with their friends. 

You will find James driving our white mini bus and you will most likely find Graham in the kitchen!



Kez is quite new to the team and runs our performing arts group on a Wednesday, as well as joining us at After School Clubs and sometimes in the Holidays too. 


We also have lots of other volunteers not mentioned here who help out on a less regular basis but who are just as valued and essential to the provision of our services.

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